Look at the engine temperature meter of your forklift. If the needle touches high mark then it is an indication that the radiator in your lift truck isn’t working properly. It needs to be changed. You can check this part to find fault and change it instead of getting it repaired.

This part can be repaired but a repaired isn’t as reliable as a new part is. A repaired unit can stop functioning anytime and make you feel helpless because repaired units don’t carry guarantee. It is better you buy a new part for your forklift. You can buy a genuine part and if you are looking for a cost effective solution then you can consider buying an aftermarket part. What is in an aftermarket part that it should be preferred over genuine part? This question might come to your mind, if you are new to forklift trucks.

An aftermarket part is a part from a third party. It is affordable because manufacturer of aftermarket parts are free to price to their products. But there is no fear in buying aftermarket lift truck parts as these parts are made using same standards as used for making genuine parts. You can buy an aftermarket radiator without any apprehension.  For more information forklift led lights.