Press-on-forklift tires are used for battery operated electric vehicles. These trucks are small in size but they can bulky and off-dimensional items with much ease. Electric trucks are used in indoor areas like warehouses and stores. Indoor areas have smooth surface where regular wheels can’t work. But press-on-wheels provide perfect grip on the tiled surface.

Pneumatic wheels are used for lift trucks that work in outdoor areas. These wheels are just perfect for working on concrete roads and stones. Pneumatic wheels use air for cushioning and for this reason there is always a fear of a pneumatic wheel getting punctured. Also the wheels should have appropriate air pressure. Outdoor trucks can also use solid rubber wheels that are more durable than pneumatic variants. Solid rubber wheels don’t go flat like their pneumatic counterparts but they can’t cushion a lift truck like pneumatic wheels can.

Original forklift tires are expensive and for this reason, truck owners delay purchasing new set of wheels for their trucks. But little do they know that a lift truck needs new wheels for smooth functioning. Its tires that make a lift truck fully functional. Lift truck owners should buy aftermarket tires to save money while buying quality wheels for their trucks. For more information clark forklift parts.