Forklift trucks are used for moving bulky items from one place and another and arranging them according to the needs. For instance a lift truck is used for shifting goods from an open store to a close warehouse and vice versa. Manufacturing units use lift trucks to load finished goods on delivery vehicles. Lift trucks are also used in construction industry.

These machines are used both indoors and outdoors but the functionality of the machine changes according to its use and area of operation. For instance indoor units use batteries, while outdoor machines use fossil fuel. A variety of lift trucks are available and each variety has its specific use. These machines need maintenance and change of parts from time to time. Wheels are the most important spares of lift trucks. It is wheels that move the machine and also help it lifting weight.

Forklift tyres are expensive but you could buy them at affordable price from an aftermarket spare part shop. An aftermarket part is as good as a genuine spare hence there is no apprehension in using an aftermarket part. On the contrary, you could save some money by using an aftermarket spare. A number of lift truck owners use aftermarket spares so can you. Also know about Yale forklift parts.